Apartment house Milka

Apartment Typ Bedrooms Persons Position
1. AP 5+1 2 5+1 ground floor
2. AP 4 2 4 second floor
3. AP 2 1 2+1 second floor

This family house situated on the edge of the wood, approximately 350m from the sea and 800m from the centre which makes it perfect for those who really want to relax from everyday life in town.

Main features

  • TV+SAT
  • Quiet neighborhood
  • Own parking place
  • No traffic
  • Big terraces
  • Very nice garden
  • View to the sea
  • A wood by the house
  • A fire place for barbecue
  • 350m
  • 800m
  • 200m
  • 800m
  • 400m
  • 9000m
  • yes
  • no

It has wonderful gardens in the front and at the back of the house. It is surrounded with wood and there is a lot of place for children or even adults to play badminton, volleyball or some other games.

The house is on the edge of the wood so you can be in touch with the nature. Morover, very often during the summer couples of deer"s or rabbit come into garden for the food or water.

The house has standard apartments for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 people. The apartments for 4+1 people and 2+1 on the 2nd floor have view to the sea.

Apartment for 5+1 people with 2 bathrooms and 2 terraces on the ground floor have view to the nice garden. Shower in the open for the guests. Each apartment has TV SET with satellite receiver.

Every apartment has its own parking place and there is a fireplace with wood which is free for the guest of the house

Attention - Plese note that:

  • official prices are those in kuna (Croatian currency),
  • prices presented in EUR are only
    for the orientation for the foreign guests,
  • the guest shall pay bank cost for the advance payment.

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